How can we treat your verrucae? 

Verrucae are caused by a virus, which may cause pain and discomfort. Treatment is not always necessary but we are happy to advise if you need treatment. 
We can offer treatment and advice to reduce the discomfort of verrucae and, over time, aim to get you free of them. 

We offer various treatments including: 

Pain management with padding and advice 
Acid treatments 
Homeopathic treatment using Marigold therapy 
Swift ® Microwave treatment 

Swift® Microwave Treatment 

We offer a new, effective treatment called Swift®, which treats the verrucae using short pulses of microwaves to destroy the virus that causes the verrucae. This new treatment is only available at a limited number of podiatry practices across the UK. 

Need more advice on your verrucae? Call our surgery and ask for more information 

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