Biomechanics and orthotic insole services 

We provide a variety of tests for detailed analysis of your feet and gait so that we can diagnose any bio-mechanical problems. 
We can recommend the most suitable orthotics for you, whether it is a simple insole or custom made orthotic insoles, designed for your particular sport or way of life. 

We offer a range of tests and treatments including: 

Gait analysis 
Treadmill analysis 
Custom made orthotic insoles using the Sidas or Langer systems 

Thorough gait analysis 

Gait analysis is the study of how your body is adjusting its posture whilst you walk or run. If left uncorrected, poor gait can lead issues in your back, hips and legs. 
However, issues with your gait can be corrected by using orthotic insoles placed in your shoes. These can be tailored for specific sporting or lifestyle needs. 
We can conduct a biomechanical assessment, which enables us to then provide appropriate orthotics, tailored specifically to your needs. 

We offer the Sidas system for bespoke orthotic insoles 

For custom made orthotics, please read more about the Sidas system using this link below 

Whatever your othotics needs, we can help Call our surgery and ask the podiatrist for more information 

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