As we prepare to reopen under the 'new normal' what wil this mean for your visit and treatment? Find out more about what we are doing at the surgery in order to protect you, our staff and podiatrists on your next visit. 
As we enter this “new normal” it is our top priority to keep you, our staff, and podiatrists as safe as possible whilst you are visiting for your treatment. We recognise that you may be nervous of coming to your appointment and so we have made some changes which will give protection and more confidence to everyone. 
Here are some answers to questions that you may have. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. 
What will I have to do when you come for my appointment? 
When entering the clinic you will be asked to use hand sanitiser and to wear a face mask for the duration of the visit. This is for the protection of everyone. You can bring your own face mask or we can provide you one to keep for a small charge. 
Who can come with me to my appointment? 
We can only allow the patient to enter the waiting room and treatment room unless it’s absolutely necessary that a helper, carer or parent/ guardian is present. Anyone accompanying you who isn’t necessary will NOT be allowed into the waiting area. We also ask that patients attend their appointments on-time so as to limit the amount of time spent in the waiting area. 
How will ’social distancing’ work in the waiting room? 
Initially we will only be running one surgery room in order to minimise the number of people in the waiting area. However, we will also aim to keep people in the waiting area at a safe distance of more 2 metres from other people - in addition to wearing face masks and hand sanitiser precautions. 
How will I pay for my treatment or book my next appointment? 
We have installed new perspex screens around the reception desk for the protection of staff and patients for when you need to be closer to to the receptionist to rebook or to pay for your treatment.  
We will NOT be able to take cash for payment at this time, so please have some other way to pay. We prefer CONTACTLESS payment, wherever possible, such as by credit card, debit card, Apple Pay or Android Pay. Where this isn’t possible you can use the card machine keypad but we will sanitise this before and after use. 
Will my treatment be longer than usual? 
We recognise that it may have been some time since your last appointment and so there may be more work for the Podiatrist to treat you effectively. However, in order to minimise contact we are having to limit the treatment time to the normal 20 minutes. If you require further treatment we will aim to rebook you for another appointment as soon as it possible. 
How will the Podiatrist and I keep safe during treatment? 
For everyone’s protection during the treatment, the podiatrist will all wear personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes surgical grade face masks, face shields, gloves (as normal), and disposable aprons. As always all our surgical equipment is single patient use and is either discarded or undergoes a thorough decontamination and sterilisation process.  All surfaces used by the patient will be disinfected between treatments. 
Equally, you will be expected to wear your face mask during the treatment. This is for the protection of the Podiatrist as well as yourself. 
When should I not attend my appointment? 
Obviously if you feel you have, or exhibit, COVID-19 symptoms - fever, persistent cough or high temperature - we will be unable to allow you into the surgery or to have treatment. Please consider this before coming to your appointment. 
Also, if you are self isolating or are shielding then please don’t feel you need to come to your appointment. We can easily rebook you for a later date. 
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